Design Story

Music changes the way we experience the world.
Our mission is to get more music into your life.

How we think about Design.



We designed Whyd not only to be beautiful and pure, but to also have a touch of human presence. To do that, we elevated Whyd vertically and enclosed its powerful sound with an iconic three dimensionally knitted envelope that integrates harmoniously into everyone's home.


High quality

We've been doing our best work for the past two years to create a speaker that matches our standard of excellence. We've sourced among the best materials around the planet to craft a high-quality object. Developed in Grand-Rapids, Michigan, Whyd's soft cloth is the result of years of U.S. knitting savoir-faire and craftsmanship. It perfectly allows sound to spread. It gives Whyd both a soft touch and beautiful look.

“Quality is not an act.
It is a habit.”

- Aristotle



We created Whyd to enable you to play music the most natural and human way. Use your voice, your finger or your favorite music app. Music plays instantly. We meticulously designed into detail of the product to create a delightful experience and make your life easier.

“Simplicity is the ultimate


First Batch Sold Out.

The first batch of Whyd has sold out! Sign up to our waiting list and we'll let you know as soon as more speakers become available.